I am trying to build an old C++Builder 6 project in RAD Studio XE6. The code uses the _resetstkoflw() function. The function is familiar to me, but it is absent in the <malloc.h> header file in RAD Studio XE6! At the same time, it is present in the Windows SDK.

Where can I find the function in RAD Studio XE6?

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    I can't answer this but I found an old comment from Embarcadero's Bruneau Babet as a possible reason (in a larger discussion about why ActiveX development in C++Builder stopped using ATL): "There was also a long list of RTL extensions that the latest ATL relied on that we did not expose. Things like _resetstkoflw(), _recalloc(..), _malloca(...), _freea(...), etc." So it seems like _resetstkoflw() may not be meant to be available in Embarcadero's compilers. Why it works in BCB6, who knows – Remy Lebeau Jul 28 at 2:26

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