After removing library option (to get better obfuscation) in the dotfuscator config file, the app is crashing when using a referenced third party assembly.

As explained in Dotfuscator documentation, I exclude this assembly using in the <renaming> section of the config file :

        <file dir="path_to_assembly" name="assembly_name"/>

First, it builds correctly even if "path_to_assembly" contains an error... So it seems those lines in the config file are not analyzed by Dotfuscator. Moreother, in the generated Renaming.xml, we can see that fields, functions, etc... of the assembly have been renamed.

I tried to exclude the assembly using the GUI, but "Check below to exclude specific items" is blank.

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I'm on the Dotfuscator team and was wondering if you could share a little more information. I'm assuming you're using the same Dotfuscator version as mentioned in Xamarin.Android : Release build ok with R8 or dotfuscator but not both. I'm having some trouble recreating your issue and was wondering what third party assembly you're referencing. In addition, I was hoping you could post your Dotfuscator config file.

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