Edit: I'm using the passport-facebook-token package.

I have an Express.js server with facebook authentication. The frontend uses the facebook sdk for js to authenticate and sends the received access_token to the server.

In the server:

passport.use('facebookTokenStrategy', new FacebookTokenStrategy({
        clientID: config.facebookClientID,
        clientSecret: config.facebookClientSecret
    }, async (accessToken, refreshToken, profile, done) => {
        try {
            const existingUser = await User.findOne({'facebook.id': profile.id})

            if (existingUser)
                return done(null, existingUser)

            const newUser = new User({
                method: 'facebook',
                facebook: {
                    id: profile.id,
                    firstName: profile.name.givenName,
                    lastName: profile.name.familyName,
                    email: profile.emails[0].value

            await newUser.save()
            done(null, newUser)
        } catch (e) {
            done(e, false, e.message)

For some reason the passport strategy throws Failed to fetch user.

If i look a bit deeper i see that the real error is this:

Invalid appsecret_proof provided in the API

By the way this error only occures When i authenticate first in the client side and then try it on the server. (If i just send the access token with postman it works)

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