I want to show yesterday page view statistics statistic in kentico10 I have used page view web part, but it doesn't include yesterday field as shown below. enter image description here

But it doesn't include yesterday field!

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One approach would be to clone the biult in webpart (Page Views) which creates a copy of the webpart in the database and copies the code files to the filesystem. Then you would edit the StatisticsType property, add in a new value for yesterday

Yesterday would be added in a value into the datasource:

Kentico 12 Web Part Properties

Then in the C# code behind of the .cs class you would edit Reload data to handle the yesterday query the way the other queries are handled.

C# code of Kentico Page Views webpart

You would simply set the correct fromDate, startDate, and Interval type to represent "yesterday".

I don't recommend editing the built in webpart because that is not a 100% upgrade safe change.

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