I have created a chatbot in Dialogflow and I have integrated it with Facebook Messenger. The chatbot is fully functional although I find my users having a difficult with the first response from the chatbot.

To let you know, the chatbot is about movie recommendations and the first response that asks the users to write is the movie genre. What I am currently do is to let them write a genre but in most cases they write it totally wrong. So I decided to help them by creating an interactive button list that Facebook Messenger supports, and when the user clicks one of the genres, the chatbot will take that as response, and will use the genre to run the inner recommendation algorithm. It's really important to have the correct written genre otherwise the recommendation algorithm gets stuck.

So, my question is how I can integrate such a button list in my Facebook Messenger using Python, Flask, Webhook, Dialogflow and FB Messenger.

The .py file that takes the responses through webhook:

# Run the algorithm through webhook

# import flask dependencies --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

from flask import Flask, request, make_response, jsonify

from movie_recommendation_v13 import recommend_movie

import sys

# initialize the flask app
app = Flask(__name__)

# default route

def index():
    return 'Chatbot is online and running!'

res = None

# Function 1 --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

def suggest_movie(req):

    global res

    # fetch action from json
    user_genre = req.get('queryResult').get('parameters').get('user_genre') #saved in an object because it is used as parameter from my recommendation algorithm. Isntead of this I want to have the response from the FB Messenger button.

    user_prefrences = req.get('queryResult').get('parameters').get('user_prefrences')
    user_movie = req.get('queryResult').get('parameters').get('user_movie')

    res = recommend_movie(user_genre, user_prefrences, user_movie) #user genre is given as input in the recommend_movie algorithm.

    return {'fulfillmentText': "Thank you! Based on your preferences, I propose the following two movies:\n\n{0} \n(IMDB Rating: {1} & Link: {2}) \n\n{3} \n(IMDB Rating: {4} & Link: {5})\n\nHave you seen any of these movies? (Yes/No)".format(res[0][0], res[0][1], res[0][2], res[1][0], res[1][1], res[1][2])}

#...some extra functions

# Create a route for webhook  --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

# For webhook to properly work, I have to copy paste the https link from ngrok

@app.route('/webhook', methods=['GET', 'POST'])
def webhook():

    # return response
    req = request.get_json(force=True, silent = True)

    action = req.get('queryResult').get('action')

    intent_name = req.get('queryResult').get('intent').get('displayName')

    if action == "get_results" and intent_name == 'KellyMovieBot':

        return make_response(jsonify(suggest_movie(req)))

    elif action == "ask_question" and intent_name == 'ask_if_seen_movies':

        return make_response(jsonify(propose_second_movie(req)))

    elif action == "thanks_giving_end" and intent_name == "thanks_giving":

        return make_response(jsonify(thanks(req)))

    elif action == "rerun_conversation_text" and intent_name == "rerun_conversation":

        return make_response(jsonify(rerun_conversation(req)))

# run the app
if __name__ == '__main__':
   app.run(port=9090, debug=True)

My list of genres:


Dialogflow intent:

enter image description here

What I have tried based on this SO question:

But it doesn't seem to work

  "facebook": {
    "attachment": {
      "type": "template",
      "payload": {
        "template_type": "button",
        "buttons": [
          { "type": "",
            "title": "Action"
          { "type": "",
            "title": "Adventure"
          { "type": "",
            "title": "Animation"
          { "type": "",
            "title": "Children"
          { "type": "",
            "title": "Comedy"
          { "type": "web_url",
            "title": "Crime"
          { "type": "web_url",
            "title": "Documentary"
          { "type": "",
            "title": "Drama"
          { "type": "",
            "title": "Fantasy"
          { "type": "",
            "title": "Horror"
          { "type": "",
            "title": "Musical"
          { "type": "",
            "title": "Mystery"
          { "type": "",
            "title": "Romance"
          { "type": "",
            "title": "Sci-Fi"
          { "type": "",
            "title": "Thriller"
          { "type": "",
            "title": "War"
          {"type": "",
            "title": "Western"
        "text": "Select a movie genre?"

Dialogflow link to the chatbot Intents. I am not sure if I have to separate movie genre into a different intent. As a result, I will have 1 intent for the genre input and 1 intent for the other 2 inputs (movie title, user preferences). In such way I can use the code like posted above but then I don't know how I can make use of what the user clicked on Messenger.

How the response look like now:

enter image description here

And I want to be like the below interactive button:

enter image description here

Instead of the above button I want to have a 5 buttons one below the other, like:

  • Button 1: Action
  • Button 2: Adventure
  • Button 3: Romance
  • Button 4: Comedy
  • Button 5: Thriller
  • ...Button 17: " ... "

I found a similar question about the same issue, but no code is included in the answer. That is why I have created a different question.

Please also find below my full code about the chatbot responses that you can open on Google Drive with a Text editor app or any other available editor.

I would be grateful if you can write in the comments any additional information that I might missed to share with you, or if you may need access to my Dialogflow application where I created the chatbot Intents.

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