I ran into the problem of uploading and image to facebook using the Messenger API.

Here is my function

func sendLocalAttachmentBack(sender string) (string,error)  {
    client := resty.New()
    fileBytes, _ := ioutil.ReadFile("output.jpg")
    resp, err := client.R().SetQueryParam("access_token",pageAccessToken).
        "recipient": `{"id":"`+sender+`"}`,
        "message":`{"attachment":{  "type":"image", "payload":{ "is_reusable": true } }}`,
    if err!=nil {
        return "", errors.New(fmt.Sprint(err))
    }else {
        body := fmt.Sprint(string(resp.Body()))
        errorString:= gjson.Get(body,"error.message").Str
        if errorString==""{
            attachmentId =gjson.Get(body,"attachment_id").Str
        }else  {
            return "", errors.New(fmt.Sprint(errorString))
    return attachmentId,nil

For some reason, facebook always return this error:

Incorrect number of files uploaded. Must upload exactly one file.

I have tried upload using Postman, and it works. However, even after copy/paste the generated code snippet of golang and run, it still gives me this error.

So is there something going on with golang and uploading local attachment to facebook? Has anyone managed to do so?

  • What you are setting there via SetFormData, certainly does not look like "Content-Type", "image/jpg" – CBroe Jul 30 at 6:26
  • Not sure why I need to set "Content-Type", "image/jpg" inside the SetFormData, but I did try and it does not work also. Same error. – CSDD Jul 30 at 8:38
  • The content type of what you are sending there is not image/jpg. – CBroe Jul 30 at 8:41
  • I know. I wouldn't have added to to the header if it worked before. Added ot and it still does not work. Anyway, should edit my code. Key point is the header has nothing to do with the code. – CSDD Jul 30 at 15:12
  • You're currently sending a quite malformed FormData request body while the API is expecting a JSON body. You should use the normal SetBody to set a JSON body, but then it is not clear what the type of the attachment.payload should be. Maybe []byte in Go? not sure. You could also upload the attachment and then use its ID in multiple messages. – xarantolus Jul 30 at 17:31

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