I am following these instructions (https://docs.rocket.chat/installation/paas-deployments/eks) which use helm.
However helm seems to have changed since these instructions were written and a 'repository' is now required.

My question is :

What repo should I add for helm v3 that is the equivalent to helm v2 default ?

Here is what I have done

I tried the command helm init --service-account tiller
but received the error, Error: unknown command "init" for "helm.
I read here that init is no longer required for helm.

So I tried the next command to install traefik, helm install stable/traefik --name traefik --namespace kube-system --set rbac.enabled=true.
and that says Error: unknown flag: --name which is also a change for v3,
So I adjust the command to be helm install traefik stable/traefik --namespace kube-system --set rbac.enabled=true.
And now I get Error: failed to download "stable/traefik" (hint: running helm repo update may help).
helm repo update returns Error: no repositories found. You must add one before updating

I tried helm repo add stable but got Usage: helm repo add [NAME] [URL] [flags]

In the update documentation I am not finding anything about what that NAME or URL should be.

So, another way to ask my question is :

What values should [NAME] and [URL] be for the helm repo add command ?


The command is :

helm repo add stable https://kubernetes-charts.storage.googleapis.com

- https://github.com/helm/charts

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