How can I translate this code into C++? UniGui component.

  FrmList : TList;
  I : Integer;
  Frm : TUniBaseForm;
  FrmList := UniSession.FormsList;

  for I := 0 to FrmList.Count - 1 do
    Frm := FrmList[I];
    UniListBox1.Items.Add(Frm.Name + ' ' + Frm.ClassName  );

I have a problem with Frm := FrmList[i];. I have tried:

frm = UniSession->FormsList->Items[i];

E2034 Cannot convert 'void *' to 'TUniBaseForm *'

frm = dynamic_cast<TUniBaseForm*>(UniSession->FormsList->Items[i]);

E2307 Type 'void' is not a defined class with virtual functions

frm = dynamic_cast<TUniBaseForm*>(UniSession->FormsList[i]);

E2031 Cannot cast from 'TList' to 'TUniBaseForm *'


Delphi allows an untyped pointer (void* in C++) to be assigned to another typed pointer without a cast. C++ does not, you need an explicit cast.

You were on the right track with your 2nd attempt, but you need to use either static_cast or reinterpret_cast, instead of dynamic_cast, eg:

TUniBaseForm *Frm = static_cast<TUniBaseForm*>(FrmList->Items[i]);


TUniBaseForm *Frm = reinterpret_cast<TUniBaseForm*>(FrmList->Items[i]);

See these related questions:

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  • Thank you very much for your constant help. – antarey Jul 31 at 5:29

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