Why is the no-liquibase profile enabled for production ? I thought that we need liquibase to run in order to run all the migrates at the start of the app ?

  • Do you mean e.g. when using the heroku subgen and maven? – atomfrede Jul 31 at 6:51
  • @atomfrede yes, I am using heroku subgen – 1977 Aug 1 at 22:42

When using the heroku sub gen with maven the application starts with no-liquibase as the liquibase migration is done via the release phase in heroku. Your generated procfile contains a dedicated release phase which does liquibase:update such that the database migration is done before starting the application. This is in particular helpful if you have a lot of entities for example and use the free dynos as on free dynos your app needs to start in 90s.

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