I am trying to execute an Indy method TIdHTTP.Post, and it hangs.

  LStream := TStringStream.Create(
        Trim(' <req>                              ')
      + Trim('   <query>' + AInput + '</query>    ')
      + Trim('   <count>10</count>                ')
      + Trim(' </req>                             ')
    , TEncoding.UTF8

    LIdHTTP := TIdHTTP.Create(nil);
      LIdHTTP.IOHandler := sslHandler;
      LIdHTTP.AllowCookies := True;
      LIdHTTP.HandleRedirects := True;
      LIdHTTP.HTTPOptions := [];
      LIdHTTP.Request.ContentEncoding := 'utf-8';
      LIdHTTP.Request.ContentType := 'application/xml';
      LIdHTTP.Request.Accept := 'application/xml';
      LIdHTTP.Request.CustomHeaders.Add('Authorization: Token 1953c2596abe61b709cdec5fc6c7ca2ae4ac709d');
      Result := LIdHTTP.Post('http://suggestions.dadata.ru/suggestions/api/4_1/rs/suggest/address', LStream);

It hangs in unit IdIOHandler on line : ReadBytes(LBuf, i, False); with parameters: AByteCount=32768, AAppend=False.

And when I start it from another PC via proxy, there is no hang.

Why could it be?

UPD: 2020.08.01

Sorry for a short info given.

Yes, if I not specify the ReadTimeout property, then it gives an expected correct response, but after a long timeout (~1 minute), with an inner exception "Connection closed gracefully", but result's received. Timeout on calling ReadBytes in calling Post method.

If I specify the ReadTimeout property, then it catches an exception "Timeout reached" and there is no result returned by Post method.

Still searching for an answer.

And what is interesting, that from my work PC, where is proxy-server, there is an immediate correct answer, and no errors. Via proxy.

UPD_2: 2020.08.01

Problem solved.

I've downloaded from official Indy repository an archive with SSL Libs: OpenSSL-Binaries on Github. And unpacked dlls from one of them to folder with my program: openssl-1.0.2s-i386-win32.

Then I've specified an https prefix instead of http in my program's code. And everything worked without timeout.

Obviously proxy server used different protocols http/https by itself, maybe it recognized a timeout, and switched into https. And it was the reason that on my work PC program worked, and from home PC it did not (with no proxy).

But there are some moments that are unclear to me.

Moment 1) Sometimes a hidden inner Indy exception appears: "Connection gracefully closed", and sometimes it doesn't. The reasons are not clear. It is not visible in program and appears only while debugging. What does it mean and why can it appear?

Moment 2) Why over an http link do I receive result finally? I receive result, though I get a timeout during it. Is there any way to remove timeout and use http protocol?

Moment 3) Why I've tried to use some other revisions of SSL libs and an error "Could not load SSL library" appeared? I've tried openssl-1.0.2t and openssl-1.0.2u, and it was error. Only openssl-1.0.2s worked with no errors.

Thank you!

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    There is no way to diagnose this issue given the little details you have provided. Clearly TIdHTTP is waiting for data that never arrives, but we can't see why, and there could be a number of reasons. Maybe the HTTP response is malformed in some way. Maybe the server is simply not sending the response correctly. Maybe the TCP connection has been lost abnormally. There is no way for us to know without more details. For instance, has TIdHTTP received any kind of response before the hang starts, and if so what does that response actually look like? And have you tried setting a ReadTimeout? – Remy Lebeau Jul 31 at 18:41
  • On a side note, 'utf-8' is not valid for the Request.ContentEncoding. It belongs in the Request.CharSet instead, or omitted altogether since UTF-8 is the default charset for XML, and XML is self-documenting. Also, if you are going to use a custom Authorization header, make sure to set Request.BasicAuthentication=False – Remy Lebeau Jul 31 at 18:41
  • Thank you, i've solved a problem with timeout by switching to https protocol. Could you answer your opinions for my update in question text? – Maxi-Hard Aug 1 at 17:38
  • can't answer the timeout issue without seeing the actual HTTP/S response data. It is possible that the server is simply terminating the response by closing the connection, which is allowed in HTTP. Or the response is malformed. Either could explain the EIdConnClosedGracefully exception you are seeing. As you noted, TIdHTTP will handle it internally. You can tell your debugger to ignore it. Regarding OpenSSL, t and u are known to work with Indy, so you will have to debug why they don't load correctly. Start by calling Indy's WhichFailedToLoad() function after the error occurs – Remy Lebeau Aug 1 at 17:53

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