model video

protected $table = 'lokit_video';

protected $fillable = 
public function lokit_category(): BelongsTo
    return $this->belongsTo(Category::class);

model category

protected $table = 'lokit_category';
    protected $fillable = ['name'];

in controller

public function index(){
       $dataCategory = Category::all();
        $dataVideo = Video::all();
        $video = Video::where('lokit_category_id', $dataCategory)->get();
        return View('bnpt.content.home',compact('dataCategory','dataVideo'));

when I try the code above what happens with the code is null, how to fix it?

  • You want to display all the videos for a certain category? – jewishmoses Aug 1 at 16:05
  • Yes, like that, but I'm confused to write the code – Dinar Abdul Holik Aug 1 at 16:10
  • You want to display all the videos for a certain category? You said yes to this. So you want to get the videos of which category, please mention the category – Aashish gaba Aug 1 at 16:25
  • i want to display video for a certain lokit_category_id – Dinar Abdul Holik Aug 1 at 16:29

If you want to get all the videos related to all the categories, you should develop the relationship.

In Category Model:

    public function videos()
        return $this->hasMany(Video::class);

In the controller method:

$dataCategory = Category::all();
return View('bnpt.content.home',compact('dataCategory'));

In the view file:

@foreach($dataCategory as $category)
           @foreach($category->videos as $video)
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[PROBLEM]In your code you have

$dataCategory = Category::all();

$video = Video::where('lokit_category_id', $dataCategory)->get();

$dataCategory is a collection of the model instances of all the entries in your lokit_category table.

[SOLUTION] You can't compare a collection with a field that expects an id in your case in the where statement.

lokit_category_id should be compared with the id of a category.

If you have the lokit_category_id

$videos = Video::where('lokit_category_id', $lokit_category_id)->get();

If you have the name of the lokit_category, get the id using that name and then make the query.

// Get the category for which you want to get all the videos.
$categoryName = 'CATGEORY NAME';

$category = Category::where('name', $categoryName)->first();

$videos = Video::where('lokit_category_id', $category->id)->get();


In your Category Model

public function videos(){
   return $this->hasMany(App\Video::class, 'lokit_catgeory_id', 'id');


Use eager loading as it will help in reducing the number of queries.

$categories = Category::with('videos')->get();

foreach($categories as $category){
    // You can access the videos for the category using the videos relation.
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  • when i debug dd ($ category) the contents are null – Dinar Abdul Holik Aug 1 at 16:40
  • Did you assign $categoryName with the name of the category for which you want to get the videos? As your post's title states you wanted to get the videos for a given category, now seeing your category model, I assumed you would know the name of the category for which you want the videos. So assign $categoryName to the categoryName for which you need the videos. – Aashish gaba Aug 1 at 16:41
  • You could get the categoryName as a parameter to the function in the controller, that way you could pass the categoryName and get the videos for that category. – Aashish gaba Aug 1 at 16:45

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