I am facing localisation issue in SwiftUI. Issue is happening when translation has placeholder. I am getting error "Instance method 'appendInterpolation' requires that 'LocalizedStringKey' conform to '_FormatSpecifiable'"


struct Translation {
    struct school{
        static var location: LocalizedStringKey {
            return "schoolLocation %@"

Translation file

"schoolLocation %@" = "My school location is %@";

SwiftUI view

var location = "Some Name"
.navigationBarTitle("\(Translation.school.location) \(location)") 

Please help me if i am doing something wrong.

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    Does this answer your question? How to implement localization in Swift UI – LuLuGaGa Aug 1 at 17:56
  • No, I have placeholder for dynamic value and for key i am maintaining in structure of LocalizedStringKey. My code is working perfectly for static localization values. but i am getting compilation error for dynamic value. – Rocker Aug 1 at 18:02
  • @Rocker have you tried removing %@ from the key as it's not necessary? you can have "schoolLocation" = "My school location is %@"; in your translation file. – Mohammad Rahchamani Aug 1 at 20:11
  • Still have getting compilation error "Instance method 'appendInterpolation' requires that 'LocalizedStringKey' conform to '_FormatSpecifiable'" on line .navigationBarTitle("(Translation.school.location) (location)") – Rocker Aug 2 at 5:30

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