I'm providing Arabic support for the already-completed app. On changing the app language to Arabic, numbers are displaying with Arabic digits for the XML strings.

But my problem is on executing the following code

getString(R.string.value, ++value);


<string name="value">Value : %d</string>


<string name="value">%d :القيمة </string>

with English, it is working fine.

Value: 1

On changing the language to Arabic (Appearing in Arabic). It must be in English (0-9)

Value : (Number in Arabic)

Please provide a solution to my problem.

  • I don't understand what happened, in Arabic locale, the number is shown in English and you want to be Arabic? Or conversely, the number is shown in Arabic while it must be English. – aminography Aug 1 at 16:29
  • I want to show only English numbers instead of Arabic – kashyap Aug 1 at 16:31

You can change the locale of the number using String.format to always be shown in English:

String.format(Locale.ENGLISH, getString(R.string.value), ++value)
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  • Thanks, for the solution, but I have to update in the overall app. is any other way for this? – kashyap Aug 1 at 17:36
  • You're welcome :) Yes, but maybe unusual to achieve! I had the same problem but adversely. So, I used a font in my app that was replacing Latin digits with Persian digits. You can edit a font with fontforge. But I think handling this situation programmatically like the above answer takes lower effort. – aminography Aug 1 at 17:59

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