I've created a custom post type (Products), as well as two custom taxonomies (Product Categories & Product Manufacturers). I've created the products page already that lists out both product categories and manufacturers. I found a nice plugin that allows you to upload images to use for your taxonomies. So the nice thing is that it's all generated automatically.

The issue I'm having trouble with is the Product Manufacturer and Product Category taxonomy archive pages. You can see in the attachment how I'd like it to populate. But maybe this isn't possible in WordPress? I'm also using the Divi Builder, but it seems to have its limitations.

The Single Post page is actually almost there. However, I'm not sure how to get the product manufacturer image to load. I can get the text to show, but not the image itself. Again, possibly another limitation of the image category plugin I'm using.

Anyway, I'd love to be able to generate the posts for both the product manufacturer and product category pages automatically. Is this possible with the Divi Builder? I thought about Woocommerce, but I don't want prices or shopping cart. It's mainly product information. Any ideas?

Custom post type/taxonomy flow

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