This works

console.log(comments[i].includes("NEW ENTRY"));

This doesn't work

while ((comments[i].includes("NEW ENTRY")) == false) {

//Some code

  • Could you provide a code snippet to reproduce the problem. Your example code is to limited to find the error. – Achtung Aug 1 at 21:27
  • Please provide a minimal reproducible example. – hev1 Aug 1 at 21:29

With the little information you give us, I would say that you do not manage the incrementation of your variable i.

const arrStr = ["hello", "asdf", "dfa"]
arrStr[0].includes("hel") // -> true
arrStr[1].includes("hel") // -> false
arrStr[2].includes("hel") // -> false
arrStr[3].includes("hel") // -> cannot read property 'includes' of undefined

If you look at the DCR's answers you will see how to manage the incrementation

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both work just fine! It's likely that your i counter is wrong.

var comments=['try a little harder','NEW ENTRY',"another test"];

console.log(comments[1].includes("NEW ENTRY"));

var i = 0;
while ((comments[i].includes("NEW ENTRY")) == false) {

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    This should be a comment, not an answer. – hev1 Aug 1 at 21:30
  • comments of code are harder to read – DCR Aug 1 at 21:31

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