Hi I need to drag an image from one application to another. Both are Delphi FMX applications. I was successful in doing it within one application but now need to transfer between two separate applications, ie no memory sharing. I would be happy to save all info into a file and transfer the file name in the operation. I do detect the dragover event in the receiving application but the data property is nil and I don't know how to populate it with a useful value. I am using Windows 10, Delphi XE10.3 Any example, explanation will be helpful Thank you

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    The proper way of doing this is OLE drag and drop. No intermediate file needed (or wanted). – Andreas Rejbrand Aug 2 at 13:34
  • That way you can even drag an image from a web browser or a Microsoft Office application to your app and vice versa. – Andreas Rejbrand Aug 2 at 13:40

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