I have a conf file copied from a window server to an unix-based board that has ^M. I followed solution in What does ^M character mean in Vim? to remove ^M but it did not work. here is the log enter image description here

I entered ^M by holding CTRL then press v and m then release CTRL. What did i do incorrectly?

  • Most UNIX and Linux distros come with a program called fromdos that will convert the CRLF line endings to simpler LF chars. – selbie Aug 3 at 4:31

can you try this one. i think it is shift "enter charactor"

cat input01tmp.txt | tr -d " \t\r" > input01.txt
cat input02.txt | tr -d " " > input02.tmp

or try with dos2unix

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  • Không được, nhưng cảm ơn nhé – Trần Văn Hà Aug 3 at 3:54
  • dos2unix is an easy way to fix this, +1 – Daniel Farrell Aug 3 at 4:30
  • 1
    Why are you deleting tab chars with \t ? – selbie Aug 3 at 4:32
  • And spaces! Also, remove the useless cat. – tripleee Aug 3 at 6:04

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