I have the following yup check:

nrOfApples: yup.number().min(0).max(999),

And right now if I leave the field blank, it validates as false. Is there any way to make yup.number() accept empty values? I have tried:


But it doesn't seem to work. Any ideas on how I can make such thing happen?

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You have to pass true to nullable -

nrOfApples: yup.number().min(0).max(999).nullable(true);

From: https://github.com/jquense/yup/issues/500

Working example: https://runkit.com/xdumaine/5f2816c75a0ba5001aa312b2

Note that if you add required().nullable(true) the required overrides the nullable and null will not validate.


You can use a transform to convert the NaN value into null. I updated the runkit with this:

const contactSchema = yup.object({
  name: yup.string()
  nrOfApples: yup
    // checking self-equality works for NaN, transforming it to null
    .transform((_, val) => val === Number(val) ? val : null) 
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    Hi @xdumaine, thanks for your response. However, when the field is left as empty, the value that it returns is NaN instead of null, so .nullable(true) is not working in this case.
    – manzk
    Aug 3, 2020 at 14:15
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    The suggested solution did not work for me but thankfully the runkit link provided contained a change. I will suggest an edit but just in case swap the transform function call to the following .transform((_, val) => val ? Number(val) : null)
    – LethalMaus
    Feb 11, 2022 at 9:53
  • @xdumaine Thanks for amazing answer, very comman to come this situation but very challaging with Yup library to validate number fields. Oct 20, 2022 at 17:18
  • This works up until someone enters some nonsense like -+1e into the number input, which will behind the scenes converts to null (imo not good ux). Can't tell the difference between nonsense and a null input in the transform bc they both are passed in as NaN Mar 10 at 23:32

also this worked for me,

validation: yup.string().nullable()

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