I am using expo version 37. I built an standalone app to be uploaded on play store. When I tried uploading the apk file. I got the error:

expo your app currently targets api level 28 and must target at least api level 29

How can I solve this problem?


Run expo upgrade and then re-build your Android standalone app using expo build:android -t apk

  • expo upgrade then npm install then expo buil – TaouBen Nov 24 '20 at 14:52
  • Running expo upgrade at the time might upgrade it to the most recent version at that time (38) but I think if someone runs that command now it might upgrade to the most recent version which as I am righting is 40. I would recommend using this command to specify the version you wish to upgrade to: expo update version_number e.g expo update 39.0.0 – Wilfred Mulenga Jan 8 at 9:49

Looks like the Expo team is aware of the issue as stated here and looking to fix this week.

  • This change has been deployed to SDK38 Android builders on August 5th, 14:38 UTC. Must rebuild for it to target level 29 – Tony Brackins Aug 6 '20 at 0:24

you must upgrade to expo SDK38 , and it works now !

If your SDK is 37. follow this upgrade expo

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