The last message before crash in the log:

LOGCAT: F/art (22502): art/runtime/mirror/art_method.cc:356] Check failed: !IsFastNative() int java.lang.Character.digitImpl!(int, int)

...and I have no clue what does this function check.

The source code available here(https://android.googlesource.com/platform/art/+/refs/tags/android-cts-5.1_r21/runtime/mirror/art_method.h)

bool IsFastNative() SHARED_LOCKS_REQUIRED(Locks::mutator_lock_)
  uint32_t mask = kAccFastNative | kAccNative;
  return (GetAccessFlags() & mask) == mask;
  • Same app, armv7a build runs like a charm
  • Same app, armv8a build, Android 10 runs like a charm as well.

What can be the reason? Any ideas are appreciated.


Looks like this is happening because of a bug in the latest qt 5.15.0

Fresh issues:



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