This is my code where i am user a method SwitchUser_Click. I need to prevent or somehow encode the return value from the switchUser_Click as it includes the UserId of a user vulnerable to XSS attack or hacking.

function SwitchUser_Click(containerElement, OnSuccess) {
            var selecteduserId = $("select", containerElement).val();
            var makeDefault = $(":checkbox", containerElement).is(":checked");
            window.location = "Default.aspx?uId=" + selecteduserId + "&userActive=" + (makeDefault ? "1" : "0");

The belows code is called from aspx page by using Client.RegisterScript and passing the parameters.

function OpenSwitchUser(UserId,modCode,defUrl) {
            defaultUrl = defUrl;
            var options =
                controlUrl: "~/Controls/SwitchUserDialog.ascx",
                params: { uid:UserId, mod: modCode},
                top: 70,
                width: 600,
                height: 2500,
                OKCallback: SwitchUser_Click,
                InitCallback: SwitchUserDialog_Init,
                cancelCallback: SwitchUser_Close

My aspx.cs page here is the problem i need to find a better approach to this part

var parameterUserId = Request.QueryString["uId"]; //problem need a better appoach

I want to know how to encode my userId in the SwitchUser_Click method and decode it when its called. Or maybe there is some other way to do this . Thank you

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  • This question doesn't make much sense. The user ID should be URL-encoded for sure, but what specifically are you trying to protect against? – Brad Aug 4 at 3:59
  • I'm guessing you are talking about encrypting not encoding. Instead of doing it that way, if you are looking for a more secure way to accomplish click to switch users, you can have a database table that stores the user ID, a unique hash and a datetime variable. Pass the hash in the URL and use that against the database to find the user id. Then write a script that deletes data from that table after 30 mins. This will allow the hash strings to only have meaning for 30 mins. – imvain2 Aug 5 at 16:46

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