I have a couple of list in a list sorted like this:

L = [['b','4'].['a','7'],['c','2']]

I want to see if it is possible to arrange the list so that it looks bit like this:

L = [['a','7'],['b','4'],['c','2']]

The first character of each list is placed alphabetically. How might I go about doing this?

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    In this case, literally just sorted(L) gets the job done – Green Cloak Guy Aug 4 '20 at 18:56
  • Do you guys think this is overkill? print(sorted(L, key=operator.itemgetter(0))) – user13645394 Aug 4 '20 at 19:00
  • It's overkill in the sense that you don't need a key function to do what you want. – martineau Aug 4 '20 at 19:33
  • Alright thank you guys. I am just gonna use a simple L.sort() – user13645394 Aug 4 '20 at 19:53

You can use .sort() that will sort the list alphabetically

L = [['b','4'],['a','7'],['c','2']]

output: [['a', '7'], ['b', '4'], ['c', '2']]

use method sorted():

L = [['b','4'], ['a', '7'],['c','2']]
print(sorted(L))  # output [['a', '7'], ['b', '4'], ['c', '2']]