My main form has a TActionList component connected to TImageList. The problem is that the TImageList was moved recently in a DataModule. Now when I assign an action to a TButton, the image associated to that action does not appear in the button.

How to fix this, while keeping the image list in the data module?

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    It works for me. Of course, the DM's unit must be included in the form's unit, and the Button's Images property must be (re)set to the image list. – Andreas Rejbrand Aug 4 at 20:10
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    Does TButton in your version of Delphi support an image? (I use Delphi 5 and it does not). Maybe you should use TSpeedButton instead? – MundoPeter Aug 4 at 21:22
  • Try opening the datamodule's unit in the IDE – Fabrizio Aug 5 at 12:18
  • Has the ActionList been updated to the new location of the ImageList ?. – Marc Guillot Aug 5 at 13:20
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    @MundoPeter - By the way, if you are not up to date, Embarcadero offers a free edition of Delphi now for non commercial applications (best decision taken in the last 25 years of Delphi existence). Take a look into that also. – InTheNameOfScience Aug 7 at 10:25

It works for me.

Of course, the DM's unit must be included in the form's unit (in a uses list), and the TButton's Images property must be (re)set to the image list.

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  • Prompt and accurate as usual. Thanks Andreas. I don't know if I said it before but I think your are the best guy around on SO (on Delphi matters). – InTheNameOfScience Aug 7 at 10:20
  • @InTheNameOfScience: Thank you for your kind words. Personally, I am pretty sure that are a few highly active SO users that are more experienced Delphi developers than I am, but your comment still made my day! :) – Andreas Rejbrand Aug 7 at 10:23
  • There is something special about your answers (kindness, politeness, completeness) that make your answers special. Some other users prefer to close questions than to answer them, or to pick on irrelevant things. – InTheNameOfScience Aug 7 at 10:28

You Should assign the Images Property in TButton To the same ImageList.

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