I have developed an app for the official Android TV OS, now the app works perfectly on officials Android TV devices, the layout looks correct exactly as I developed it in Android Studio. As many people use generic Android Boxes for TV which run some kind of modified version of tablet/phone OS, the layout looks all weird and like it's been scaled down.

Investigating it I saw that the DPI on the Android Box is much higher then the Android TV device, and if I use "px" instead of "dp"/"sp" in my layouts the Android Box seems to render it correctly without any scaling or layout issues.

For example a TextView with the size of 32sp will look ok on Android TV device but connecting and Android Box to the same tv that TextView will look tiny. (All on the same TV, just different box!)

Is there any solutions or best practice in that case? maybe configuration I can add to for these Android Box to use the same DPI as Android TV device?

Thank you.

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