I have the following html.erb code that I'm looking to move to Haml:

<span class="<%= item.dashboardstatus.cssclass %>" ><%= item.dashboardstatus.status %></span>

What it does is associate the CSS class of the currently assigned status to the span.

How is this done in Haml? I'm sure I'm missing something really simple.

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  • was your solution the same as below? – 0xDonut Mar 26 '13 at 18:23

Not sure. Maybe:

%span{:class => item.dashboardstatus.cssclass }= item.dashboardstatus.status
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  • how do you do it when your tag is not a direct html tag, but generated through a rails helper? – ahnbizcad Jun 29 '14 at 8:15

This worked.

Where ever the link is to the page do something like this

  %div{"data-turbolinks" => "false"}
    = link_to 'Send payment', new_payments_manager_path(sender_id: current_user.id, receiver_id: @collaboration.with(current_user).id, collaboration_id: params[:id]), class: 'button'
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You can do multiple conditional class selectors with array syntax:

%div{ class: [ ("active" if @thing.active?), ("highlight" if @thing.important?) ] }

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