I am testing a use case when a scheduler is shutdown and started it has to pick all the schedules persisted in job store. I am facing the following issue when I am trying to start the schedule after shutting down. Below is the run time error.

RuntimeError: cannot schedule new futures after shutdown Error submitting job "testTrigger: interval[0:00:01], next run at: ... to executor default"


            from apscheduler.schedulers.background import BackgroundScheduler
            from apscheduler.jobstores.mongodb import MongoDBJobStore
            from apscheduler.jobstores.sqlalchemy import SQLAlchemyJobStore
            from apscheduler.executors.pool import ThreadPoolExecutor, ProcessPoolExecutor
            from apscheduler.schedulers.base import BaseScheduler
            jobstores = {
                'default': SQLAlchemyJobStore(url='sqlite:///jobs.sqlite')
            executors = {
                'default': ThreadPoolExecutor(20),
                'processpool': ProcessPoolExecutor(5)
            job_defaults = {
                'coalesce': False,
                'max_instances': 3
            scheduler = BackgroundScheduler(jobstores=jobstores, executors=executors, 
            job_defaults=job_defaults, timezone=utc)
               def testTrigger(schedule):
        //Adding List of Jobs
    for schedule in scheduleList:
    if scheduler.running:

Am I missing anything in understanding the behaviour

  • Please put the complete code without syntax errors. The code must produce the stated error. – MohammadReza Hosseini Feb 12 at 17:46

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