I am working with Google Sheets and I would like to get a list with the unique items of another list. Namely the input is:

List = ['Nick','George','George','Nick','Nick','George','Nick','Alex']

The output will be :

[Nick, George, Alex]

Right now I am using a simple loop to check whether an element appears more than once. But I am sure there is going to be a more clever way.

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The answer is quite straightforward thanks to ES6. You need a combination of filter() and indexOf().

Here is the solution:

var List = ['Nick','George','George','Nick','Nick','George','Nick','Alex']
const unique = (value,index,self) =>
{return self.indexOf(value) ===index;}
var Unique_List=List.filter(unique); 

Unique_List will give you the desired result.

Output: [Nick, George, Alex]


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The simplest way is to use a Set. This is defined as a collection that cannot have duplicates

var noduplicates = new Set(List);

You can convert this back to a list if you wish.

var List = ['Nick', 'George', 'George', 'Nick', 'Nick', 'George', 'Nick', 'Alex']

var noduplicates = new Set(List)

noduplicates.forEach(x => console.log(x))

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    That is even neater than mine! thanks for posting that! Voteup! – Marios Aug 5 at 19:05
  • I am not sure if that solution works in Google Apps Scripts though. For some reason new Set returns an empty object. I will check it again and let you know. – Marios Aug 5 at 19:19
  • try iterating over it with forEach – Jannes Carpentier Aug 5 at 19:21
  • The Logger of GAS shows an empty object when you ask it to display the Set. Using forEach returns the values though... newSet.forEach( item => Logger.log(item) ); – Ron 2 days ago

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