I have one table contains a big list of student test result with the different columns, such as: student id, student name,test ID, test date and test result( Table-1).

enter image description here

Result I expected like Table-2 The expected result

  • provide sample data and your expected output in table format, not in image – Fahmi Aug 6 at 5:22
  • Please read Why not upload images of code on SO when asking a question and edit your question to include code and data as text, not images. – Nick Aug 6 at 5:23
  • Read How to Ask and create a TEXTUAL minimal reproducible example – Alon Eitan Aug 6 at 5:24
  • My apologies for missing the table-2 in my question, I need to have get result for each student for whatever test they attended in one row, the result looks like: studentid /M1 test date/M1 score/MA test/MA score/GA test/GA score,etc. – LEE Aug 6 at 5:31

If I understand your question correctly, you should try to use the query selector:

SELECT StudentID, Score FROM (tablename)
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  • Thank you MrAwesome, please see my comments. – LEE Aug 6 at 5:33

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