I have tried to see this tutorial to make a Django E-Commerce website. In this the maker has added PayPal but I want to add Paytm Gateway.

My problem is that in the video there is a submitformdata() function which on payment approval saves the form data but I can't do it in Paytm integration as it does not give me and JavaScript code so that I can check the payment status in JavaScript and then call the submitformdata() accordingly.

Please suggest how to check if the payment is successful in JavaScript and the save the form data.

  • Welcome to Stack Overflow. Please include a minimum, reproducible example. In it's current form the question lacks details because the primary source should be included as text in the post, not as a reference to a youtube video. – bad_coder Aug 6 at 17:44

Pass the paytm_dict as in their docs in context and use if else in javascript for checking transaction status and execute accordingly.This much i can tell without seeing your code

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  • Thanks. That worked for me. Also how to redirect to a certain page if the payment is successful – rohit bumrah Aug 6 at 12:40
  • Thats a different question. Ask a new question and also provide code for better understanding to others – VATSAL JAIN Aug 6 at 12:40

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