I'm running a query in SQL Server Management Studio, including 'Client Statistics'.

I'm getting a value of '507.0000' for the 'Total execution time' in the Client Statistics. What is this value measured in? (seconds, milliseconds etc)


milliseconds, it seems.

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What is the unit of the numbers you get in the Time Statistics-part when running a query in Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio with Client Statistics turned on?

and the reply

Surprsingly theres not alot about the client stats in BOL but I did manage to find this via MSDN online. Those values are usually in MS fyi.

Client statistics are useful in determining how much time the network and client components contribute to the total response time of a query. Management Studio supports collecting Client Statistics from the SQL Editor Toolbar as well as from the Query menu. Client Statistics in SQL Server 2005 Beta 2 Management Studio gives you much more control over client-side statistics, by giving you the option to reset them, as well as displaying trial runs resulting in the average values. You can use Shift+Alt+S to set client statistics on, or choose the same option from the Query menu, from which you can reset client statistics. Each trial result is listed in the output, along with the average results over all trials. A new client statistic, total execution time, is added to Time Statistics.

Another reply was

You can try yourself by using WAITFOR DELAY '00:00:01' as a query and see the results in the clientstatistics

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