I want to know how to get the kick reason and find out if the user left got kicked or got banned

client.on('guildMemberRemove', async(member) => {
      if(member == left){
          console.log(member.user.tag + "left the server")
      }else if(member == kicked){
          console.log(member.user.tag + "got kicked from the server the server bacause, "+reason)
      }else if(member == banned){
          console.log(member.user.tag + "got banned from the server the server bacause, "+reason)

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For the members getting banned, you can track them with guildBanAdd event, and Guild.fetchBan(user) returns BanInfo including the reason they banned.

However for the kicked member, there seems to be no other way than checking Guild's Audit logs. As far as I read the documentation, unfortunately, Discord.js has no events that tracks the Audit logs, so you have to call Guild.fetchAuditLogs([options]) in guildMemberRemove event like this.

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