I am building a seaborn heatmap in Python. The values will be shown in the heatmap figure (annot=True). I round all the values on the matrix (a pandas DataFrame) that will be represented on the heatmap to 1 decimal place using np.around(matrix,1). Some values on the matrix are 0, then it's not a surprise numpy simply rounds then to 0 instead of 0.0. The problem is that I need the zeros to show like 0.0 on the seaborn heatmap. Any suggestions?

Edit: I tried setting the matrix as an np array and setting up np.set_printoptions(1,floatmode='fixed'), but when I do this, I lose the columns labels, and I need then to build the heatmap, so this is not an option.

Edit 2: I tried changing annot=True to annot=np.around(np.array(matrix),1).astype(str), that is, instead of showing the pd DataFrame on the heatmap, giving the matrix to be displayed transformed to a np array, rounded and "fixed" as strings, but then I get the ValueError: Unknown format code 'g' for object of type 'str', which seems to be a bug.

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There is no need to round your data before hand all you need to do is change the annotation formatting. For 1 d.p you do as follows,

sns.heatmap(df, annot=True,fmt='.1f')

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