This is a newbie question. I'm currently working on a twitter clone and added my firebase API endpoint to package.json to use with axios.

"proxy": "https://europe-west1-APPNAME-RANDOMNUMBERS.cloudfunctions.net/api"

Before pushing my code to Github, should I hide the endpoint? If yes, how can I do that? For other types of sensitive data, I have a git-ignored config file but I'm not sure about how to fix this one.

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No, they will be able to see this when they use your website.


Is it safe to expose Firebase apiKey to the public?

This should answer your question :)

The Key ist just an Identifier for the App, not the User of the App himself.

  • I know, thats what It says in the first Answer. The question just calls it an API Key :)
    – NyghtX
    Aug 8, 2020 at 22:27

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