I've an app that is built in Xcode 4.2 (developer preview) and iOS 5, with deployment target iOS 4.0. I'm not using any of the iOS 5.0 features. Can I submit this build to Apple? Or is this a problem because it's beta? Should I go back to Xcode 4.02 and build it on 4.3?

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You should absolutely never install beta builds SDKs as your primary SDK and version of XCode. Always keep the current install under /Developer (or wherever you choose) and install the beta in some other location (/iOS5Beta as an example). With this, when the new beta versions of XCode and the SDK arrive, you can uninstall the /iOS5Beta version and install the new one (may not have to uninstall, but just a point).

This allows you to beta test, then under the /Developer install do your regular development.

When the GM is out, you install that under /Developer and go.

You never submit Apps to Apple with beta builds of XCode and the SDKs.

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  • hi there. Maybe you know about how to submit app from iOS5 SDK downgraded to iOS4 SDK? Its all about ARC management. Can you advice please? Thank you. – Eugene Aug 24 '11 at 10:16
  • @Eugene I have the same issue, see here for a way (untested by me) to compile in XCode 4.1 with ARC stackoverflow.com/questions/7361824/… – Carlos P Sep 13 '11 at 13:32

Every readme file I remember for beta versions of Xcode have said they can't be used for submission. You have to use a GA version of Xcode to submit apps.

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