How would I delete an object from a Many-to-Many relationship without removing the actual object?


I have the models Moods and Interest.

Mood has a many-to-many field interests (which is a models.ManyToManyField(Interest)).

I create an instance of Moods called my_mood. In my_moods's interests field I have my_interest, meaning

>>> my_mood.interests.all()
[my_interest, ...]

How do I remove my_interest from my_mood without deleting either model instance? In other words, how do I remove the relationship without affecting the related models?


Django's Relations Docs

Note: you might have to get an instance of my_mood and my_interest using Django's QuerySet API before you can execute this code.

  • AttributeError: 'RelatedManager' object has no attribute 'remove' – Cerin May 2 '17 at 18:11
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    to add another entry my_mood.interests.add(my_interest) – Zohab Ali Aug 29 '18 at 8:18

If you need to remove all M2M references without touching the underlying objects, it's easier to work from the other direction:


While this does not directly address the OP's question, it's often useful in this situation.

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    Why was this downvoted? Granted it does not specifically address the OP's question, but I left the answer because it is of specific interest to people grappling with removing relations in M2M contexts, and removes the need to loop through instances. I thought it was a helpful related tip. – shacker Aug 16 '17 at 18:16
  • This was just useful to me (I was about to loop through and didn't want to). Thanks for posting it! – bwv549 Nov 9 '17 at 22:01
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    it could be better if you just add this point in above answer – brainLoop Oct 5 '18 at 13:13

In your case you can simply clear the relationship


Then perhaps when you are again creating new relation in your serializer you can do something like this

interests = Interests.objects.get_or_create(name='Something')

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