In the Delphi 10.4 IDE Form Designer's STRUCTURE PANEL, I select a TCard container control (containing several controls) and try to copy it to the clipboard with CTRL+C. It does not work. Even in the EDIT sub-context menu, the Copy item is disabled:

enter image description here

Restarted the IDE. Tried again and again for hours.

Is there a trick to do this? Is this a bug in the IDE?

  • Must be something volatile. I can copy a TCard and paste it into the TCardPanel from the Structure View context menu here. Then later the Copy command is disabled. After opening the context menu in the Form Designer, the Structure View context menu is working again. – Uwe Raabe Aug 10 at 9:35

There seems to be a bug in the IDE that interrupts the synchronization between Structure Panel and Form Designer for specific object types like TCard or TTabSheet and similar containers.

This is a workaround for this bug:

  1. First select the TCard in the Structure Panel

  2. Then click on the Form Designer's TAB MainForm to focus the TCard in the Form Designer

  3. Then press CTRL+C to copy the TCard together with all its sub-controls to the clipboard - this works!

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