is there a way to alter the spacing of any Delphi FMX component ? all are doubled spaced between lines i believe, i'm sure there is a way to edit the spacing between lines. the most important that it work for FMX

Right image Delpih[Memo], Left : Notpad

  • I'm not sure I understand correctly what you are asking and why. Please show some example of all are doubled spaced between lines I believe and be more precise with what components you are talking about. What adjustment range would you like to use? – Tom Brunberg Aug 10 at 16:06
  • check update @TomBrunberg – Delphier Aug 10 at 16:50
  • If you mean the difference between left and right pictures, that's only due to different font size. Just select a font family and a size that gives you the best result, it might require some testing. There's no "double spacing between lines" – Tom Brunberg Aug 10 at 17:04
  • @TomBrunberg: A difference in font size alone wouldn't change the ASCII art's aspect ratio that much. The main difference is that the left image has a monospaced font. – Andreas Rejbrand Aug 10 at 17:15

The difference between the two screenshots isn't that they have different line heights or line spacings.

The difference is that the left application is using a variable-width font, while the right application is using a fixed-width (monospaced) font.

You can see this extremely clearly in the top centre part of the image, where you have four full stops (....).

I assume you consider the right screenshot to display the desired appearance. If so, the solution is to change the font in the left application to a fixed-width (monospaced) font.

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