I have two AppServices, TestAppService and Test2AppService. I want calls to Test to be redirected to Test2, for example:


should give me the results of


But I cannot edit TestAppService.

For now my workaround is renaming the controller during Module initialization:

.ConfigureControllerModel(model =>
        if (model.ControllerName == "Test")
            model.ControllerName = "Test2";
        // Need to rename Test2 or it would be ambiguous
        else if (model.ControllerName == "Test2")
            model.ControllerName = "Test";

Is there a better/simpler way to do this? I actually only need to redirect one method.


Assuming that you are using AspNetCore.

You could disable TestAppService with [RemoteService(false)], see https://aspnetboilerplate.com/Pages/Documents/AspNet-Core#application-services-as-controllers

Follow by adding route attribute like [Route("api/test/[action]")] to your Test2AppService

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Was able to do it using a HttpGet attribute with Order = -1:

[HttpGet("api/services/app/Test/GetAll", Order = -1)]
public async override Task<List<Data>> GetAll()
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