When a Google Form is submitted, I use formResponse.getEditResponseUrl() to capture the url that users can use to return to the form submission. The first link below is an example where 'xxxxx' is the form id and 'yyyyy' is the form response id:


However, just recently when my program runs, now the getEditResponseUrl() function returns:


In this example 'aaaaa' is a alphanumeric string and 'mydomain.com' is the domain I'm building in. This link doesn't work and I get an error about

"Google Docs encountered an error. Please try reloading the page or come back in a few minutes".

However, when I delete the 'ouid' and 'urlBuilderDomain' terms from the link (manually reverting to link #1), I can successfully edit the form.

Do you know what the issue is? And how can I get the correct editable link? For context, I am building in a domain and this just started happening (not sure if it has to do with the project running on the new Apps Script runtime?).

  • If you're sure it's a bug, post to issuetracker. See tag info page for more details. – TheMaster Aug 10 at 17:39

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