I want do something programmatically, so i have this models:


class Treatment(TimeElement, models.Model):
  code = models.CharField(verbose_name="Código", max_length=50, blank=True)

class Prescription(TimeElement, models.Model):
  treatment = fields.CustomForeignKey('Treatment', verbose_name="Tratamiento", related_name='prescription_treatment', on_delete=models.CASCADE, invers=False)

With the parameter invers in CustomForeignKey I know if in PrescriptionModelForm I have to build the form only with the treatment identifier relation or build all the TreatmentModelForm, code and additional fields.

I want to know if i access the relation from Treatment i have a ManyToOneRel with this attribute prescription_treatment to build only one PrescriptionModelForm or Django Formset with various PrescriptionModelForms

Anybody could help me ? Thanks in advance

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    Django doesn't have a ManyToOne Field, for ManyToOne like relations use ForeignKey – Sven Aug 10 at 16:47
  • Yes, i know, Django builds a ManyToOneRel from behind, what I want is to know if that relation is simple or not, to build a form or a formset. – Alberto Sanmartin Martinez Aug 10 at 16:52

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