I am using eclipse I want to open the .jsp file but it gives the following error.

An internal error occurred during: "Search Marketplace for compatible editors (*.js)".

enter image description here

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If you can extract even more details of that error from you log, it could make for an interesting bug report. In the meanwhile, you can install a compatible editor from https://marketplace.eclipse.org/content/eclipse-enterprise-java-developer-tools .


I am also getting same error i try to search for this error on internet.

As you can see in Windows -Preference - Editors- File Association- their will not able to found JSP editor. I don't what it could be a BUG or anything else.

I try to resolve by changing my eclipse version to 2020-06 to 2020-03.

Now current i am using to 2020-03 it have JSP editor.

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