I am using LESS CSS .

I am currently using Mixins with variables.

Something like this works okay :

.border-radius (@radius) { border-radius: @radius; }

#header { .border-radius(4px);  }

This is not :

.bg-img(@img) { background-image:url(@img); }

#logo { .bg-img("../images/logo.jpg"); }

i have tried combinations of using ' & " in the background-image:url ('') & ("") but then it tries to get the image as images/@img instead of the image name. other wise it gives me an error of
Cannot call method 'charAt' of undefined

I think writing background-image:url() all the time is too tedious, is this possible..?


:) got my answer!

it needs to be used like this in my case :

.bg-img(@img) { background-image:url("@{img}"); }

#logo { .bg-img("../images/logo.jpg"); }

You can further improve on this by adding the first part of the image path to the initial mixin so you only have to write it once:

.bg-img(@img) { background-image:url("../images/@{img}"); }

#logo { .bg-img("logo.jpg"); }

A small improvement but does add a little elegance.

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