I have an collection in mongodb whose schema is as below

@Document(collection = "organizations")
public class Organization 
    private String id;
    private String name;
   // id of parent org
    private String parent;  

Now i want to check if an organization is a sub-organization of other for this i am trying to use graphlookup. My scenario is that a person has created a record only its supervisor can see its records. For this i am checking if an organisation is a decent of another.

Currently i am trying this way

public boolean checkOrganizationIsInSub(String parent, String child) {

        GraphLookupOperation graphLookupOperation = GraphLookupOperation.builder().

        final Criteria byParentId = new Criteria("id").is(parent);
        //final Criteria bychildID = new Criteria("id").is(child);

        final MatchOperation matchStage = Aggregation.match(byParentId);

        ProjectionOperation countProj = Aggregation.project().and("children").size().as("count");
        Aggregation aggregation = Aggregation.newAggregation(matchStage, graphLookupOperation,countProj);

        List<Integer>  count = mongoTemplate.aggregate(aggregation, Organization.class, Integer.class).getMappedResults();

        if(count.size() == 0)
            return false;
        return true;

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