I am having problem in conversion from .tex file to .docx file using pandoc. I used textdoc with stata to get the tex file. Tabularx tables dont display in the docx file, but my biggest problem is with graph that dont display in final document (docx). Lamentably the person that receive the final document need a docx. file

I am using pandoc for windows and runing from cmd windows.

pandoc -s tesis.tex -o output.docx

I tried with others indirect type of conversion:

pandoc -s tesis.tex -o output2.html
pandoc -s output2.html -o output6.docx

In other way I am able to use knitr with R to make a .tex file, but I dont if its possible to get a docx file with this method.

Thanks in advance

  • It would help to see the following a complete minimal example (including some data) of what you are doing, along with a more detailed description of the problems with the output. See the tag wiki for more information. – Arthur Morris Aug 12 at 2:17

Providing more information, as suggested in my comment and the wiki for the stata tag will allow folks to provide better answers. However, since your problem seems to be with the treatment of the graph in particular you can start by:

  1. Checking how texdoc is handling the graph. The default appears to be .pdf
  2. Make sure any \includegraphics Or similar references in thesis.tex include the .pdf extension. See this discussion for more information
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    Thanks Arthur, sorry for my lack of information.I was complicated in adding texdoc command to my example. – Rodrigo_BC Aug 14 at 21:30

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