tl;dr: Hibernate automatically generates SQL table aliases in its queries like jurisdicti4_ or this_. Here's an example query:

    this_.id                            AS id2_6_3_,
    this_.a_table_column                AS a_table_column3_6_3_,
    jurisdicti4_.b_table_column         AS b_table_column4_6_3_,
    app_table_a          this_
    LEFT OUTER JOIN jurisdiction       jurisdicti4_ ON this_.jurisdiction = jurisdicti4_.name
    this_.a_table_column = ?

I'm using the Hibernate Criteria API to add some hints that need reference the SQL aliases in the query, so I need to know how to either:

  1. specify the SQL table aliases Hibernate will use in its queries (e.g. tell it to use juris instead of jurisdicti4_ for jurisdiction, or
  2. get hibernate to tell me the exact SQL table alias it will use for a particular table or entity (e.g. be told the alias in the query for jurisdiction will be jurisdicti4_.

Full story:

I've inherited a Java app with an Oracle DB that uses Hibernate 4.3.8 and the Hibernate Criteria API to generate some complicated search queries. It recently ran into a severe SQL performance problem that will require us to start to include hints these queries. However, we use Oracle, and its index hints are in the form of:


I've successfully added the needed hints using Criteria.addHint(...), however I've had to hardcode the Hibernate-generated TABLE_ALIAS in the hint string. I'm concerned that over time, the aliases may change, so I want to either control how they're generated or be able to retrieve their values to use when adding the SQL hint.

Edit: This website describes the Hibernate SQL alias generation process: https://prismoskills.appspot.com/lessons/Hibernate/Chapter_23_-_Hibernate_alias_names.jsp

I've found that I have partial control of the SQL aliases when I programmatically set up the join like this: criteria.createAlias(associationPath, alias). The alias value I pass seems to be used as the first part of the SQL alias for the table. However, Hibernate appends some kind of generated table ID integer to that, so I'd get something like myalias4_ in the generated SQL. Also, this only seems to work in joins I setup myself in the criteria. Hibernate will often add its own based on the mappings, and I'm not sure how get this same level of partial control over those.


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