i have problem in showing my data field that already in html code inside sql. need to show it on asp.net mvc.

below is the command of html in asp.net which i already add html as fieldtype so when it read html or textbox it will show the page in html format. but now for table, i cant properly show the exact table, but only the code. enter image description here

the sqldata field action details in html table

enter image description here

this is the output, which is not show the exact table

enter image description here

help me out!

  • You need to share the code in the question itself. – Chetan Ranpariya Aug 12 at 7:27
  • Hello nur and welcome to SO! Please try to clarify your question. I can't really tell what you are trying to achieve. – F.H. Aug 12 at 7:32
  • as in the sql image, i have a field called fldactiondetails which i need to show as output. but what happen is, instead of showing the table, it shows exactly the value inside the fldActionDetails. i want it supposedly in table form – user14091337 Aug 12 at 9:05
  • i already share the image code – user14091337 Aug 12 at 9:05

when you want to render html code stored in sql first you need html tag in ef to actually be able to save it from user end then you are subject of milion of hacking attempt which btw all of them fails and then when you want to reder html what you do is just render it with razor which is @Html.Raw(_yourContext.YourTable.FirstOrDefault(q=>q.yourPK == yourVariable).yourHtmlField)

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