I'm new to visual studio code but whenever I type some code it never showing the deadline syntax error so whenever there is a problem I have to look through every line of code to find something as simple as upper case B instead of a lower case b, I can purposefully make an error like not terminating a line of code with a ';' and it won't show any error or tell me anything at all, I've looked everywhere and I can't find a fix for it PLS Help it's driving me crazy

  • I see the title was changed during the edit. @Dubbo28 Which visual studio do you use? The usual Visual Studio or Visual Studio Code? (Is the icon blue or purple? :) ) Commented Aug 12, 2020 at 8:09

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The place you should usually take a look for the errors is the errors window that can be opened from "View" -> "Error List" (or with a shortcut Ctrl + / + E).
Also if you'd like to get more suggestions, you can press Ctrl+Q and type "Intellicode suggestions".
For even more errors and warnings, you can consider installing some of the Roslyn analysers. Note: And you'll still have to use "Errors List" window for the errors.

UPDATE: To do the same on Visual Studio Code just navigate to "View" -> "Appearance" -> "Show Panel" (or Ctrl + J). And then open the "Problems" tab.
Alternatively you can click on the error icon on the left side of the statusbar.


Make sure that the path to the root folder of your project is the absolute path to it.

It seems that VS code doesn't support symbolic links too well. For example, if your project is in


and there is a link, say

/home/user/intersting_things/my_project --> /home/user/projects/my_project

then you should use the absolute path (/home/user/projects/my_project) when you create the "target" for your project in the explorer or remote explorer.

Otherwise, VS code won't be able to tell that the errors it sees in, e.g.,


have anything to do with what you are editing in

  • Another requirement is for you to enable error squiggles. For me they were enabled by default, but it's apparently possible to disable them by accident. Look at stackoverflow.com/questions/61166385/…
    – Ben017
    Commented Feb 1 at 22:18

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