What is the issue?

xxx@xxx-Inspiron-14-3467:~/xxx$ flutter pub run build_runner build[INFO] Generating build script...
[INFO] Generating build script completed, took 406ms

[WARNING] Deleted previous snapshot due to missing asset graph.
[INFO] Creating build script snapshot......
[INFO] Creating build script snapshot... completed, took 14.6s

[INFO] Initializing inputs
[INFO] Building new asset graph...
[INFO] Building new asset graph completed, took 773ms

[INFO] Checking for unexpected pre-existing outputs....
[INFO] Checking for unexpected pre-existing outputs. completed, took 1ms

[INFO] Running build...
[INFO] Generating SDK summary...
[SEVERE] chopper_generator:chopper_generator on test/widget_test.dart:

Bad state: Unexpected diagnostics:
/home/xxx/Desktop/flutter_linux_1.20.1-stable/flutter/bin/cache/dart-sdk/lib/core/uri.dart:3259:39 - Expected an identifier.
[SEVERE] chopper_generator:chopper_generator on test/widget_test.dart:

Bad state: Unexpected diagnostics:
/home/xxx/Desktop/flutter_linux_1.20.1-stable/flutter/bin/cache/dart-sdk/lib/core/uri.dart:3259:39 - Expected an identifier.
[INFO] 1.6s elapsed, 1/17 actions completed.
[INFO] 2.7s elapsed, 1/17 actions completed.
[INFO] 3.8s elapsed, 1/17 actions completed.
[INFO] 4.9s elapsed, 1/17 actions completed.
[INFO] 6.0s elapsed, 1/17 actions completed.
[INFO] 7.1s elapsed, 1/17 actions completed.
[INFO] 8.2s elapsed, 1/17 actions completed.
[INFO] 9.3s elapsed, 1/17 actions completed.
[INFO] 10.4s elapsed, 1/17 actions completed.
[INFO] 11.5s elapsed, 1/17 actions completed.
[INFO] 12.6s elapsed, 1/17 actions completed.
[INFO] 13.7s elapsed, 1/17 actions completed.
[INFO] 14.8s elapsed, 1/17 actions completed.
[WARNING] No actions completed for 15.1s, waiting on:
  - chopper_generator:chopper_generator on lib/repository/model/radio_model.dart
  - chopper_generator:chopper_generator on lib/repository/model/xxx.dart
  - chopper_generator:chopper_generator on lib/repository/model/time.dart
  - chopper_generator:chopper_generator on lib/repository/model/assign_to.dart
  - chopper_generator:chopper_generator on lib/repository/model/defect_cases_count.dart
  .. and 11 more

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After spending more that 3 hours, finally I managed to solved.

For those who have upgraded to flutter version 1.20.1 or above, make sure you add this line in pubspec.yaml.

  analyzer: '0.39.14'

I had the same issue:

Please try this in your pubspec file

  analyzer: '0.39.17'    
  build_resolvers: '1.3.10'
  • Just analyzer: ^0.39.17 straight in dev_dependecies worked for me
    – wamfous
    Commented Oct 16, 2020 at 13:52

try it:

1- flutter clean

2- go on dev channel: flutter channel dev

3- upgrade: flutter upgrade --force

4- flutter pub get

5- try to build

6- back on stable or master channel: flutter channel stable (flutter channel master)

7- upgrade: flutter upgrade --force


I had the same issue and if the accepted answer didn't solve your problem you can try the procedure described on this issue:

  • flutter clean
  • flutter pub get
  • flutter packages upgrade

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