I have two tables, first is Category table that has id and name columns.

Second table is Product that has id, category_id and name columns.

public function category() {
    return $this->belongsTo(Category::class);

My question is how to search product's name, and it's category name in one Eloquent or DB query?

I tried the below code, it work for products name but when I search the category name it returns nothing.

$searchText = $request->input('search');
    ->where(function($query) use($searchText){
        if($searchText) {
            $query->where('name', 'LIKE', '%'.$searchText.'%')
                ->orWhere(function($query2) use($searchText) {
                    $query2->with(['category' => function($query3) use ($searchText){
                        $query3->where('name', 'like', '%'.$searchText.'%');

And also, I would like to ask which is best to use this scenario Eloquent or DB?


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$query = Product::query()->with('category')
            ->where(function($query) use($request) {
        if ($request->input('search')) {
            $search_text = $request->input('search');
            $query->where('name', 'Like', '%' . $search_text . '%')
            ->orWhereHas('category', function ($query2)use($search_text) {
                $query2->where('name', 'Like', '%' . $search_text . '%');

    $query1 = $query->paginate(8);

Hope fully it will help to you easily.


i think you could do that using orWhereHas:

 $searchText = $request->input('search');
      $query=  Product::query()->with('category');

              ->orWhereHas('category',function ($query)use($searchText)

you can use (DB) and join the two table, but there are no eager loading, so the result will be just rows ...

  • error returned Illuminate\Database\QueryException: SQLSTATE[42S22]: Column not found: 1054 Unknown column 'categories.name' in 'where clause'
    – schutte
    Commented Aug 13, 2020 at 6:28
  • you should replace categories, with the table name for model Category, also the same for 'products' with the table name for Product model
    – OMR
    Commented Aug 13, 2020 at 6:30

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