I'm writing a function where I can store specific fields from a table before to delete the record, to keep an historical.

The insertion is working well, but the Delete sometimes is returning Delete 0, even if I have hardcode the id field that I want to delete.

This is my function:

create or replace function deletefromtable(_schema text, _table text, _filter text, _userid int)
returns json as
DECLARE _record json;
DECLARE target text;
DECLARE newvalue TEXT;
DECLARE oldvalue TEXT;
DECLARE columnname TEXT;

    SET session_replication_role = replica;

    execute format ('select row_to_json(t) from (select * from ' || _schema ||'.' || _table || ' WHERE ' || _filter || ' ) t') into _record;

    raise notice 'record: %', _record;
    FOR target IN SELECT col from track_settings(_table) LOOP
        with vw_listing (new_record) as ( values 
        SELECT (new_record ->> target)::text INTO newvalue
        FROM vw_listing LIMIT 1;
        raise notice 'newvalue: %', newvalue;
        execute format ('insert into track_history (created_at, table_name, column_name, table_id, user_id, new_val, old_val, pg_user) 
                    values (''' || Now() || ''', ''' || _table || ''', ''' || target || ''', ''' || _filter || ''' ,' || _userid || ', null, ''' || newvalue || ''', current_user  )');
    execute ('DELETE FROM public.user WHERE id = 1 ;');  -- THIS LINE IS NOT EXECUTED
    SET session_replication_role = default;

    RETURN _record;

$func$ language plpgsql;

I tried to enable SET session_replication_role = replica; or SET session_replication_role = default; but is still not working.

The function hasn't any errors and is executing all the statements. Can someone help me to fix it?

  • Why are you using session_replication_role at all? The delete execute does not have a format and the query is in (). I would think you either need the format or lose the (). – Adrian Klaver Aug 13 '20 at 14:39
  • No, I'm not using any replication strategy or role @AdrianKlaver – MrMins Aug 13 '20 at 14:45
  • SET session_replication_role = replica; in your function says you are at least attempting it. So again why? Also what about the execute line for the delete? – Adrian Klaver Aug 13 '20 at 14:54
  • I just saw that in an example, I goingo to delete it @AdrianKlaver – MrMins Aug 13 '20 at 14:58

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